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It’s not like they are going to space...

Published: at 07:40 PM

But what else do you compare this adventure to? The team has loaded up their kit into compact modules, donned their specialised personal emergency gear, and is standing by for a weather window to launch them into one of the harshest environments anyone has experienced, where they must be fully self-sufficient. It sounds like a ‘Buck Rogers’ adventure to me.

These are the thoughts I have been having as I tried to explain to my 4-year-old daughter why Daddy is checking his phone so much at dinner.

What other analogy do I for someone who has never experienced fieldwork like this?

Added to that, for those of us not ‘standing by’ in Greenland, it feels a bit like we are in a globally distributed mission control room waiting for the team to emerge from the blackout zone of atmopsheric re-entry. As we all wait to hear if they are going out the ice or not it is hard not to feel in limbo as well.

We are all nervous for the team because they are going into the unknown but confident in themselves, their abilities, and all the prep that has gotten us all to this moment.