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"Hurry Up and Wait" or "Standby to Standby"

Published: at 01:01 PM

These are cliché phrases for working with the military but there’s a reason clichés exist I guess. Our flight out to the ice was scheduled for 9AM and Andrew was in the waiting room promptly at 8:50. The entire team was in attendance by 9:10 with some dragging heel. Much to the surprise of no one I’m now writing this from the waiting room at 11:35 having just learned that the earliest we will leave is 3:30PM. We’ve been bumped from the morning flight thanks to high winds and blowing snow where we’ll be landing. I can’t say I’m complaining, setting up 8 tents in 30 mph winds on day one didn’t sound like a lot of fun. It does have some implications for our first day out though. The other four are in bed taking naps while I tip-tap the laptop. If we fly at 3:30 it means we’ll start setting up camp at 5:00PM and we’ll be working to get comfortable into the “night”. The night being nearly daylight of course. Forecast says there will be -30C temperatures or lower this evening. If we’re lucky we’ll be asleep in tents by 1AM. If we’re unlucky this will turn into a full day delay.

What is luck anyway?

Cat holding her hands on her hips and thinking about food packingVon makes sure that we have all of the gear on the checkout list for camp

Left: Von and Cat get some work done in the interstitial space. Right: Matt decided a nap is probably the best choice for passing time.

Checking out and inventorying the survival bags in the warehouse before the trip.

One of three cargo pallets that will be headed to the ice