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The first light! Science is coming online...

Published: at 12:10 AM

7 days ago we were dropped into the middle of the Greenland ice sheet, with nothing but the clothes on our back and over 10000 lbs of gear. We’ve setup camp, dug many holes, setup the power system, and now, the “SLEIGH” with all of our science instrumentation is coming together too.

At 6:56pm local-time, the sleigh was powered on for the first time since departing Boulder. It will take us plenty of time to ensure all the instruments are recording reasonable data, but soon, hopefully, everyone will be able to see what’s happening at Raven.

For now though, here is the first data taken by the sleigh, our first light!

An infrared image of the entire camp

Left: Michael and Cat working to power on the sleigh, caught by the boom-mounted camera. Right: A forward facing camera that observes the status of the boom instruments. We might need to move some cables out of the way…