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The case of the mangled mango

Published: at 06:38 PM

Who dunnit? We all have our person in mind. But the case of the mangled mango is complex and intricate. Should we actually point a finger at the offender just before we head into the field? Would this be constructive team building? Or do we let the mangled mango incident slide without a fair trial?

Let’s examine the facts fully. There once was a bag of Simply Classic Trail Mix. It happily existed as such. Handfuls of delicious nuts, M&Ms and raisins were extracted without incident from the bag. Then a piece of mangled mango appeared; see photographic evidence #1. The evidence will show that teeth marks are present in the mango. Thus, this case could be solved, without a doubt, with dental records and DNA analysis.

Checking out and inventorying the survival bags in the warehouse before the trip.

Photographic evidence #1, the mostly eaten fleshy remains of a mango carcass contaminating the communal trail mix bag. Who in their right mind would do such a thing? An animal.

But we’re heading to the field with no time to waste. Instead of prosecuting the offender, perhaps we should chalk this one up to “we’ve been busy… very busy!“. Only time will tell if the mangled mango has driven a wedge into our team that cannot be removed. Will other bits of random food show up in random places? My bet is yes. Do I really want justice to be served? Probably not. We have work to do.