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Welcome to Cat's brrr¡to factory — it's fun!

Updated: at 09:13 PM

Even though we only have three total days to get ready, there’s apparently still enough time to make 56 burritos. Chef Cat is in charge tonight and her command over the kitchen is impressive. No PhD lackey will be caught sitting still in the kitchen tonight. 10 lbs of potatoes, 30 eggs, a lot of cabbage, some deemed-too-spicey hot sauce (grace â moi), 120 tablespoons of butter, eight onions, an entire head of garlic, 8 cans of refried beans, and more. Cat’s spreadsheet is turning into real food now. Stay tuned for the on ice burrito reviews, maybe cat will get a Mich(a)el-in star or two.

The burrito menu:Cat instructs the team on the proper burrito wrapping process

Cat teaches a quick course on making and wrapping burritos to her standards.